Your parents believe that they can find the best girl/guy for you. You might agree and let them select your partner. Or you might think how can we let them take this important decision. So-called religious scholars add fuel to the fire and further tense up the situation. If you are a girl, you might have to think about the so-called honor of your parents. Let us see what biology has to say about arranged marriage vs. love marriage and hopefully help you decide what is the best option for you, arrange or love.

Humans, like other animals, have two basic needs that are coded very strongly in our DNA. We want to survive and reproduce. Attraction to the opposite sex, which ultimately leads to love, is a way of nature telling us that this partner is a healthy mate and can produce healthier kids. We want our kids to have the best chance of survival, live a longer and healthier life.

Does it ever happen with you that you met someone so beautiful and the best person ever, but your friends/family are like what? This person is so ugly. Turns out that beauty does not just lie in the eyes of the beholder but also in the DNA of the beholder. Only some people have the best genes that would produce the healthiest kids when combined with your genes. That is why parents can never see what you can see.

One might ask why evolution did not finish the arranged marriage If it is so bad for our descendants? Probably because in poor and developing countries, the financial situation of a mate is more important than the genetic situation. Being financially sound means that one can afford more kids and provide better opportunities to them that ultimately helps evolution.

So, according to science, you should be the one deciding whom to marry. However, you should also think like your parents and consider beauty and other traits like financial independence, education, manners, behavior, etc.

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