Selecting a major sounds like a big deal, probably because it is. Once you have chosen a particular career, it is very hard to switch. Imagine if a doctor wants to be an engineer. If you are indecisive and cannot make up your mind about choosing a particular field, major or career, here are some tips that can help you choose a field/major;

  1. Decide what do you want to do in your life. Did not decide yet? Do not worry, take your time but try to picture where would you like to work. For example, some majors are very good if you wanna pursue a research-oriented career like Biology,  others could be better suited for private industry i.e. Agriculture.
  2. Research the particular field that interests you by asking professionals. Don’t just ask your favorite teacher or friend. Go outside your comfort zone and talk with someone you don’t know.
  3. Consider what you like. You don’t necessarily have to study what you like but sometimes if you are particularly interested in something, you can make it a career. For example, if you like gardening, maybe you can choose botany.
  4. Consider what you are good at. I think it is the most important point because some of us have special gifts. If Gandhi wanted to be a doctor and Eiffel wanted to be a social activist, maybe we would not have known them. A good scale to know what you are good at is to ask your friends or family. You might also consider your grades. If you are consistently performing well in a subject, it might be because you are very good at it.
  5.  Consider the infrastructure; a particular major may have the better infrastructure or more opportunities at the institute where you are studying which can also be a deal-breaker. The funding situation of an institute or lab is important and can kickstart your career.
  6. Consider the professors: Some majors may have better professors. You may like the particular way of teaching some professors. Also, consider the diversity of the professors. A major is worth more for me when it has professors from many sub-fields because it guarantees that I will be learning different things.
  7. Do not depend on a random example. You may find a very successful graduate of one major but that does not mean that everybody is successful from that major. If you want to know the opportunities in a field you should do a survey. Consider at least 10 randomly selected students to have an idea about the future of a particular field. Alternatively, you can do online research about what is in demand.

In the end whatever you choose, if you work hard, there are very good chances of your success. Best of luck. Wanna stand out in your selected major? Check out this blog: how to stand out in a world full of competition?

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