Publish or perish is a commonly used phrase in academia. Professors and researchers who do not publish enough are left behind and have to deal with several consequences, such as running out of funding and even losing jobs. For students, publishing was not very important some years ago. In recent years, however, competition for scholarships and jobs has increased exponentially. Every year universities produce thousands of PhDs that remain unemployed because there are only a few academic positions available. Competition and several other things lead to a boom in student papers. Currently, more and more students want to publish their research in journals. Here are 5 tips to publish in journals to help you get your dream scholarship or job.

1. Convert your thesis to a paper

Most of you might already have something written for example bachelor’s or master’s thesis. The only problem is that the thesis is not publishable (by most of the journals). You need to convert your thesis into a paper. Doing that is not a straightforward task and you would need to be very critical of your work. For starters, a research paper is significantly shorter than a thesis. For more details about how to convert your thesis into a paper, you can check this article.

2. Write a review paper

Writing a research paper could be complicated. Especially if you are from a developing country and do not have access to a laboratory. An alternative could be to write a literature review instead. A review paper is a type of publication that focuses on reviewing the current state of knowledge and identifying potential gaps. It can be done without doing any experiments yourself. All you need is to read many papers. For a detailed guide about how to write a review paper, you can check out this video.

3. Help a professor

Professors have many unfinished projects. Many of their students might have finished their thesis without publishing. Their data might be sitting in the computer waiting to be analyzed and published. If you do the data analysis and write a paper for your professor, he is obliged to include your name as an author. So talk with your professors and show your interest in helping them and publishing.

4. Read a lot of papers

When in Rome, do as Romans do. If you want to publish, you have to know how to write an article. The best way to learn is to read many relevant articles. It will not only increase your knowledge about the field (a must if you want to publish) but also it will teach you the little details about how papers are written. What kind of language is used and other little details. Publishing is a world of its own, if you want to publish, get used to the new world.

5. Do a research project

If you do not have any thesis and no professor is willing to help you publish, start a research project. Doing your research project is the most common way to publish. All you have to do is find a research problem and work on it. Once you have data, analyze it, write a paper and publish it. Meanwhile, you might need some guidance and you are free to ask your professors and seniors. It is recommended that you have a thesis supervisor for this reason.

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